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Wattpad Contest Season Crash Course: Converting Reader Interest to Views for Feedback on Wattpad

This week we continue our Wattpad Contest Season Crash Course. If you find this content helpful, be sure to:


There is a myth that makes the rounds during Watty’s season: “Only the most popular writers win, and only books with lots of reads even stand a chance.”

As a 2019 Watty’s winner, I can tell you that’s not true. I entered the competition after less than a year on Wattpad with just a few hundred followers. Popular writer? Not by any stretch of the imagination. Neither did LEAD ME ASTRAY have tens of thousands of views.

The Watty’s isn’t a popularity contest. That said, the tips we’ll discuss in this course are to increase views. But the goal is to get reader feedback in order to improve your manuscript. So, toss the popular vote out the window. Let’s talk converting clicks to views on Wattpad.

Is there a way to draw an audience, aside from nagging friends and relatives? Yes. And don’t nag anyone. The secret is promoting your Wattpad writing online. Now, I know. Everyone hates advertising. We hate seeing advertisements. Fortunately, in this case, you’re not selling a product; you’re selling an idea—the idea that you have something of value.

How to? Try this:

  1. Develop a social media strategy. Post daily and stay consistent. Most of us are already using social media, and that’s great! If you post ten tweets on Twitter a day, let two of them focus on your Wattpad book. (Check out the 80/20 rule of advertising on social media.)

  2. Create engaging content. Rather than advertise, inform. Incorporate cover art or share a quote from your book. Videos are also in. Book trailers, author interviews or laughable home videos should do the trick. Show your personality as a writer, but more importantly, provide something entertaining that naturally builds interest in your book.

  3. Get active in the Wattpad forums. How does that help you? Well, it certainly shows others you’re friendly and approachable. I can’t tell you the number of times people in the community say they’ve checked out a writer just because they were nice in the forums.

  4. Share news about your Wattpad writing on your blog or YouTube channel. Don’t have either one yet? Try starting with a behind-the-scenes look at your Contest Season journey. Not only will this generate a buzz for your book, but vlogs and blogs are great planks in your overall author platform.

  5. Finally, hang up the promotions and get real. Sharing happy news about your word count, positive reviews from readers, or excitement over a scene can really help your followers feel connected to you and invested in your success.

By using your Wattpad profile, the Wattpad Community forums, and social media to share interesting book news, your enthusiasm for your project rallies others. Invite readers to leave feedback and comments, and see which suggestions are useful during editing. Not only will you grow your readership, but you’ll also gain valuable insights on where your manuscript needs strengthening. It’s my hope that with these tips, your book will stay ahead of the curve.

Have you had any experience with promoting your Wattpad or indie books? Leave a comment to share what worked and didn't work for you. I'd love to see it!

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